Lest We Forget

This month has been a very memorable and proud month for me, I was asked by a customer to make a cross and grave surround for his late wife who died 4 years ago (RIP), His request was that he wanted the timber to last many years as when he leaves us he will also be buried in the same grave, I gave him my word I would do the best job i possible can.

Me and my son made the surround out of solid 6X2 and the cross from 5X2 mahogany timber given 5 coats of top grade wood stain and finished with a solid brass plaque, I can honestly say this is the most proudest and memorable work I ever done in all the years ive been in the trade and also a time I will never forget.

Thank you Jim for giving me the honour of allowing us to build and place this for you and your late wife xxx

#graveservices #headstones #carpentryservices #joinerycoompany #loocalcarpenter

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